Step 1: Initial Setup

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This initial setup is recommended for quick and fast configurations to get going. See below for details on each step.

1. Layout

Choose desired layout for Main Page

Layouts will display your knowledge base main page slightly differently and will effect your category levels.

For more details on layouts click here

2. Style

Select a pre-defined style

Pre-defined styles are a preset of configurations that provide a quick look setup.

3. Colors

Pick a set of colors

Pre-defined colors allow for quick setup, click a button and watch the live preview change your main page colors.

4. Templates

Decide on a template

The two templates are used to fix theme conflicts. The KB template has also more available override settings as well. For more information click here.



If you just started with your KB and don’t have any categories and articles yet, you can switch to Demo KB to see how your configuration changes will look:

Initial setup and all KB configurations can be changed at any time.

Last Updated On November 17, 2018