Tagged Articles Shortcode

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This shortcode shows a list of Articles that have one or more specific KB Tags:

[widg-tag-articles kb_id='1' title='Tagged Articles' number_of_articles=5 order_by='title' operator='AND' tag_ids='2823,2824']

Shortcode Attributes:

  • title: heading name above the list of articles.
  • number_of_articles: maximum number of articles listed.
  • order_by: how articles will be sorted, by title use: ‘title’ or sort by date use: ‘date created’
  • operator: ( Optional )
    • AND value: only articles with multiple tags will be listed.
    • OR value: list all articles that have any of the required tags. This is a default value.
  • tags_ids: lists relevant tag IDs


Tagged Articles

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For detailed information about WordPress shortcodes <a href=”https://codex.wordpress.org/Shortcode_API” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>click here</a>. Use this Shortcode to add KB elements to any page or post that supports shortcodes.
Last Updated On July 26, 2019