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Access Manager

Access Manager enables administrators, companies and organizations to control access to their Knowledge Base(s). Access Manager is one of the best-designed WordPress plugins for controlling access to knowledge base content.

Administrators can restrict access to KB Articles, KB Categories, and KB administrative pages, making them private. They can also decide which categories and articles will be public.

Access Manager uses two types of groups:

Public Group
Any visitor to your website not logged in.

Private Group
All users that have an account on your website.
Roles are based on WordPress built-in roles.

For more granual control (additional groups and/or custom roles) see the Access Manager add-ons below.

Administrators and KB Managers can restrict:

  • Front-end access to KB Main Page.
  • Front-end access to KB Articles.
  • Front-end access to KB Categories.
  • Back-end access to KB administrative pages.
  • KB Search results in KB Search box and WordPress search.
  • Creation, updates and deletion of KB Articles.
  • Creation, updates and deletion of KB Categories.
  • Creation, updates and deletion of KB Tags.

Access Manager is super easy to configure as shown in the following video:

Features of Access Manager include:

  • WordPress built-in Roles with similar capabilities in KB.
  • WordPress Roles of Subscriber, Author and Editor are used.
  • Control over which KB Categories, if any, are visible to the public
  • Control over which individual KB Articles are visible to the public

Unauthorized users will be blocked from accessing the following content:

  • KB Articles
  • KB Categories
  • KB Main Page
  • KB Categories Archive Page
  • KB Search results
  • WordPress Search results
  • KB add-ons content
  • Multiple KBs
  • Administrative screens for:
    • KB Configuration
    • KB Access Configuration
    • KB All Articles
    • KB Categories
    • KB Plugin Info


Access Manager provides access control based on built-in WordPress roles (Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor). The following add-ons provide additional access control features:

  • Custom Roles add-on lets you map custom WP Roles to KB Roles. Used together with KB Groups add-on you can map custom WP Roles to KB Groups and Roles.
  • KB Groups add-on organizes users into groups. You can create multiple KB Groups and assign your users to those groups. Each user within his/her group has a specific KB Role (KB Subscriber, KB Contributor, KB Author, KB Editor, or KB Manager). If you have Custom Roles add-on then you can also map custom WP Roles to KB Groups and Roles.

About KB Groups add-on:

Last Updated On August 02, 2019