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Links Editor will allow you to replace links to KB articles with links to PDF files, documents, images, and web pages. When users click on the link they will see the linked document or file for viewing and download, or they will see the linked web page.

  • PDFs in your website file system.
  • Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Diagrams and images stored in your WordPress gallery.
  • Internal URLs to your web pages.
  • External URLs to external pages like Google spreadsheet.

To create a link open a new KB Article screen and switch on Links Editor.

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  • Article title will be used as link text.
  • Enter the link URL.
  • Decide how the link opens – in the same tab or in a new tab.
  • Choose an icon to show beside the link.
  • Specify keywords that the KB Search will refer to.
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An example of linked articles:

An example of linked articles:

We have assigned them to the top three categories as examples.

Demo 9 – click here to view the demo

Demo 10 – click here to view the demo

Demo 11 – click here to view the demo

  • Private links i.e. private post visibility feature is not supported. The links are accessible to anyone.
  • WordPress search will not list linked documents and pages to prevent indexing of the same page or document twice.
  • KB Search uses tags configured with the link, but it does not index the linked content.

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  • VERSION: 1.3.12