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Users around the world deploy our Echo Knowledge Base to help their customers and users find answers and to empower their teams and employees to internally share their knowledge and follow an organization’s guidelines.

Key Features and Highlights

Knowledge Base configuration

Comprehensive Features:

  • Setup hierarchical documentation with sub-categories.
  • For better SEO, choose the URL for your articles.
  • Order articles and categories alphabetically, chronologically, or in any order.
  • Set front-end text to any language.
  • Add tags, breadcrumbs, back buttons, and comments to your articles.
  • Add an AJAX enabled search box.

The Most Flexible Knowledge Base

  • Choose from 16 pre-defined color themes
  • Select one of 4 pre-defined style combinations
  • Have up to 3 levels of categories and sub-categories.
  • Choose the article template: current theme template or knowledgebase template

KB Features Demonstrated by Elegant Themes

Knowledge Base has many predefined styles and colors

Extended Functionality with Add-ons

  • Grid and Sidebar Layouts
  • Multiple Knowledge Bases
  • Protect your private KB with Roles and Groups
  • Advanced Search with styles
  • Widgets

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Our Add-ons

Elegant Layouts

Elegant Layouts extension adds Sidebar Layout and Grid Layout templates to the core Knowledge Base plugin with a total of six layouts.

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Advanced Search

The Advanced Search greatly enhances a user’s search experience and will offer tools and search analytics for KB administrators.

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Multiple Knowledge Bases

Create two or more Knowledge Bases, one for each of your topics, products, services and teams. Each Knowledge Base has separate Main Page, articles, URLs, and admin screens.

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Article Rating and Feedback

Rating and feedback plugin allows you to quickly and easily add rating elements to your site. 
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Links Editor

Set Articles to links to PDFs, pages, posts and websites. On KB Main Page, choose icons for your articles.

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Add KB Search, Most Recent Articles and other widgets and shortcodes to your articles, sidebars and pages.

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Access Manager

Access Manager is one of the most advanced and configurable access control plugins on the market.
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Access Manager add-on: KB Groups

KB Groups add-on helps you to organize your users into KB Groups, separating their access to KB content based on the access to categories and articles that each group needs.
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Access Manager add-on: Custom Roles

The Custom Roles add-on lets you map custom WP Roles to KB Roles.
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Great Plugin, Well documented and Easy to Use

This is exactly what I was looking for to setup my plugin’s knowledge base.

Great plugin, easy to use and very well documented. Got the Knowledge base setup and running in just a few minutes. Had an issue, sent them an email and they replied within a few hours.

Keep up the good job team! Robert Abela

Security professional and technical blogger, WP Security Audit Log

Works great, well documented, excellent customer service

We have been using the Echo Knowledge Base Plugin for about a year. We tried a few other systems, but I now believe we have the best, and I am very happy to recommend it.

We have witnessed the plugin developers’ dedication to providing an excellent product, and to making sure their users get the best value from it.

The plugin is easy to work with, attractively and professionally presented, and has loads of flexibility. Steve Schapel

Executive Director of Data Mgmt Solutions, SportsRunner system

By far the absolute BEST knowledge base out there!

Some knowledge base plugins look pretty but lack functionality. Some are feature rich but are complicated to use. Echo’s looks great, is packed with features, and is easy to use. Will Zrnchik

American Autoimmune Association