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Instantly create an online self-service Knowledge Base for your users, customers and employees.

Search Box with Basic Analytics

Display a fast search bar with listed results on the main and article pages. It comes with a basic count of searches with articles found and with no results.

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Layouts: Basic, Tabs, and Categories

Basic layout shows categories and articles in groups. Organize your documentation by team, product, and service using the Tabs Layout

Category Archive Pages

Select from five pre-made designs for the Category Archive Page with more options coming soon.

Five Levels of Documentation Hierarchy

Use five levels of categories and sub-categories with either unfolded or collapsed articles.

Order Articles and Categories

Order articles and categories alphabetically, chronologically, or in any order you choose.

Page Builders

Works with Elementor and Templates, Beaver Builder, Divi, Visual Composer, and others.

Categories: Font and Image Icons
Categories can have custom images or any of the 500 font icons available.
Pre-made Template Designs
Choose from 26 pre-made designs with a variety of styles. You can further customize the design you choose.
Frontend Style Editor

The easy and simple frontend Editor helps you change colors, labels, fonts, and styles in no time.


Customize the font family, size and weight for article and category names, TOC, breadcrumbs, and more.

Ordering of Articles and Categories

Order articles and categories by date or name, or use drag and drop for custom ordering.

Article Sidebars
Choose to show left, right, or both sidebars containing navigation, TOC, and widgets.
Back Navigation
Show back navigation above each article to bring the user back to the KB Main Page.
Creation and Last Update and Article Author
Show the creation and modification dates and article author above or below each article.
Previous/Next Navigation

Users can navigate to the next article or previous articles using the previous/next buttons.

Table of Contents (TOC)
Generate a TOC based on article headings and let it float, or stick, beside the article.

Show breadcrumbs on article pages.

Print Button

Users can print an article without a redundant site header and footer.

Article Comments

Choose to show or hide article comments.

Multisite Compatible

Echo Help Dialog works with the WordPress multi-site feature.

Polylang Compatible

Supports use of the Polylang plugins for multi-language sites.

WPML Compatible

Supports use of the WPML plugins for multi-language sites.

Multi-language Support
Change or translate any text label on the front-end using any of 12 translated languages.
WCAG Accessibility

Complies with basic WCAG accessibility for people with disabilities, including blindness.

RTL (Right-To-Left) Styling

This Help Dialog fully supports RTL CSS files for both admin screens and frontend pages.

Search Analytics for No Results Searches
Analytics will show searched-for keywords with no articles found. Add missing articles.

Search Shortcode

Add a KB search to any page such as Home and Contact Us. Users can search across multiple Knowledge Bases.

Category Search Filter

Users can narrow their results by searching within certain categories.

Search Analytics for The Most Popular Searches

Analytics will show the most popular articles to help the editor make improvements.

Search Results Pages
Users can browse pages with search results if a large number of matching articles are found.
Search Box with Image and Links

Add a background image, sub-title, and links to pages like the support form and more.

Widgets for Elementor
Our Elementor widgets are designed for writers. We make it easy to write detailed instructions, step-by-step guides, manuals and detailed documentation.
KB Categories
List your KB Categories for easy reference. They are typically displayed in sidebars.
KB Tags
Display current KB tags ordered alphabetically.
Recent Articles Widget
Show either recently created or recently modified KB Articles.

KB Search Widget

Add a search box on your Home page, Contact Us page, and others.

List of Category Articles
Display a list of articles for a given category.

List of Tagged Articles
Display a list of articles that have a given tag.

KB Sidebar
A dedicated KB Sidebar will be shown only on the left side or right side of your KB articles.
Restrict Access to Articles and Categories
Control access to private a Knowledge Base utilizing WordPress user accounts. Grant permissions using roles and groups.
Custom Roles
Map any custom WP Role to KB Roles such as KB Subscriber, Author, Editor, and Manager.
Access Control Groups

Organize your users into KB Groups, separating their access based on the level of access each group needs.

Article Rating
Users can rate articles with 5-stars rating or up and down vote.

Article Rating Analytics
Learn about the most and least rated articles.
Article Feedback Form

Readers can submit insightful feedback about your articles to help you improve them.

Multiple Knowledge Bases
Each KB has separate articles and URLs to help organize docs based on your topics, products, services, and more.
Layouts: Grid and Sidebar

The Grid Layout displays top-level categories in rows and columns. The Sidebar Layout shows categories in a sidebar.

Articles CSV Import
Import articles and categories from the CSV file into your Knowledge Base.
Articles Import/Export
Coming soon.

Frontend Widget

Engage your website visitors and gain new customers with page-specific FAQs and knowledge base articles. Help users communicate with you without leaving the page using a simple contact form shown with the Help Dialog.

Contact Form
Users can submit a contact form to ask questions or get help from the widget window.
Search FAQs and Knowledge Base

Users can search the FAQs and a specific knowledge base for articles from the pop up window.

Admin Pages Widget
Help your backend users with FAQs and articles by placing a contact form on specific admin pages.

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