Advanced Search

Knowledge Base Add-on

The Advanced Search add-on replaces the current limited search built into our Knowledge Base plugin.

The add-on greatly enhances users search experience and will offer tools and analytics for KB administrators.

Current Features

  • Basic live search results.
    • As the user is typing into the search box results will load below.
  • Article Tags are now included in search results.
    • Users can now find articles by searching for KB tags not included inside the article content.
  • Search results page
  • Search analytics:
    • Act on searches that return no results.
    • Analyze the most popular search terms.

Upcoming Features

  • Search results with article category indicator and keywords highlighted in the sample text [January]
  • Shortcode to add the search box anywhere on your website [December]

Plugin Pricing

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Add-on Details

  • VERSION: 1.1.1