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The Advanced Search add-on replaces the limited search built into our Knowledge Base plugin.

Similarly to website SEO and analytics, search analytics plays an important role in maintaining and improving your knowledge base.

The Advanced Search add-on will help you with all of the following questions:

Do you want to know what content your knowledge base is missing?
Do you need to improve articles that your users are searching for most often?
Do you need to update articles with keywords that your users are searching for but are not part of any article?

Current Features

  • Basic live search results.
    • As the user is typing into the search box results will load below.
  • Article Tags are now included in search results.
    • Users can now find articles by searching for KB tags not included inside the article content.
  • Search results page
  • Search analytics:
    • Act on searches that return no results.
    • Analyze the most popular search terms.

Planned Features

  • Search results with article category indicator and keywords highlighted in the sample text 
  • Shortcode to add the search box anywhere on your website

Plugin Pricing

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Add-on Details

  • VERSION: 1.3.0