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The Advanced Search add-on replaces the limited search built into our Knowledge Base plugin.

Similarly to website SEO and analytics, search analytics plays an important role in maintaining and improving your knowledge base.

The Advanced Search add-on will help you with all of the following questions:

  • What content your knowledge base is missing?
  • Which articles do your users search for most often? Editors can focus on and improve these top-search articles.
  • Do you need to update articles with keywords that your users are searching for but are not part of any article?

As the user is typing into the search box, search results sisplay dynamically below.

It is important to understand what your users are searching for so that you know how to improve your KB content. By knowing specific search keywords, you can better understand what help content your users are looking for.

Analytics for The Most Popular Searches

  • Focus on the most popular articles that are searched most often.
  • Ensure the article content is up to date.
  • Add missing details and improve article presentation.

Analytics for No Results Searches

  • Write articles for topics that are not covered.
  • Add missing search keywords to existing articles

When a particular search finds more articles than the maximum that can be displayed, a link to the full search results is displayed.

The user can then go to the search results pages and browse through all search results.

Turn on the category filter option for more specific search results.

Advanced Search box has enhanced styling options, including:

  • Background image
  • Gradient
  • Subtitle and description
  • Icon placement
  • Paddings
  • Font sizes
  •  Examples:

Configuration of the search box include nine predefined styles called Presets:

  • Article Tags are included in search results.
    • Users can find tagged articles when search keywords match given tags.
  • The search works with linked articles if Linked Editor add-on is enabled.
  • Advanced Search searches private articles if Access Manager is enabled.

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Add-on Details

  • VERSION: 2.22.0