Access Manager

Knowledge Base Add-on

Access Manager enables companies and organizations to control and restrict access to their Knowledge Base(s).

Administrators and KB Managers can restrict access to KB Articles, KB Categories, and KB administrative pages. Access control is achieved through configuration of KB Groups, KB Roles, and WordPress.


Main Features of Access Manager

Access Manager is one of the most well-designed restriction managers for content access control. Access Manager is based on a typical team structure found in companies and organizations. Employees work in teams, and each team has a certain level of access to some or all content in the knowledge base.

Features of Access Manager include:

  • Role-based control using KB Roles:
    • KB Subscriber
    • KB Author
    • KB Editor
    • KB Manager
  • Management of KB Groups to which WordPress users are assigned
  • Three levels of access control to KB Categories:
    • No Access
    • Read-only Access
    • Full Access
  • Three levels of access control to KB Articles:
    • No Access
    • Read-only Access
    • Full Access
  • Built-in Public group to allow—if needed—public visitors to access specific KB content

You can read detailed documentation for Access Manager here: [coming soon].


Access Manager Configuration

Access Manager provides backend screens to manage KB Groups, KB Roles, and membership of WordPress users in those groups and roles:

Access that each group has to a set of KB Categories is configured on another screen:

Read-only access to KB Articles for each KB Group is controlled on the following screen:

Finally, each KB Article is assigned to one or more KB Categories, and each category can be accessed by users of one or more KB Groups:


Front End Access

Logged in WordPress users that have access to the whole knowledge base will, as usual, see the complete KB. Users that are restricted to certain articles and/or categories will see the following message:

In the future, we will also have an option to redirect a user to a login page or show a 404 page.


Basic Team Scenarios

The following are examples of common scenarios for organizing teams and KB Content:

  • One Team – Internal KB
  • One Team – KB with both public and private content
  • Two or More Teams – Same KB – Internal private content
  • Two or More Teams – Same KB – public and private content
  • Two or More Teams – Separate KBs


Content That Can Be Restricted

While Access Manager is one of the most advanced restriction control plugins, it has some limitations that are based on core limitations in WordPress.

Unauthorized users will be blocked from accessing the following content:

  • KB Articles
  • KB Categories
  • KB Main Page
  • KB Categories Archive Page
  • KB Search results
  • WordPress Search results
  • KB add-ons content
  • Multiple KBs
  • Administrative screens for:
    • KB Configuration
    • KB Access Configuration
    • KB All Articles
    • KB Categories
    • KB Plugin Info



Access Manager might not block access if the following is true:

  • Your website has a plugin that directly accesses WordPress database tables instead of calling default WordPress functions and using WordPress hooks
  • KB Content that is exported from WordPress
  • KB Tags
  • Download links to images, PDFs, documents, and other media

Certain plugins, if directly accessing WordPress tables and data, can circumvent Access Manager protection. It is therefore important to install only plugins that use typical WordPress functions and hooks.

For further details please see documentation on Access Manager Limitations here: [coming soon].

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  • VERSION: 1.2.1