Elegant Layouts

Knowledge Base Add-on

Elegant Layouts add-on contains two new layouts: Sidebar Layout and Grid Layout.

The new layouts can be combined with core layouts in the following ways:

  • Basic Layout + Sidebar Layout
  • Tabs Layout + Sidebar Layout
  • Grid Layout + Sidebar Layout
  • Sidebar Layout


All layout variations are displayed in the Catalogue of KB Layouts


Grid Layout

Used for KB Main Page, this layout displays top-level categories in rows and columns. Each category has an optional icon and a link to corresponding articles.

Example of Grid Layouts:

click to view full size image


  • Users can easily find the right category based on a simple view of the top KB categories.
  • Category icons help explain the meaning of each category.
  • After selecting a category, the user is then transferred to Article Page displaying Sidebar Layout.


Sidebar Layout

Used either alone for KB Main Page or in combination with Basic or Tabs Layout on Article Page as a left-side navigation sidebar.

Example of Sidebar Layouts:

Sidebar Example

Knowledge Base Sidebar



  • Users can switch between categories and articles while on the same page.
  • Arrange categories according to importance, with the most important topics at the top and those needed less often below.
  • Arrange categories according to complexity with simple or initial topics first and more complex or detailed topics below.


Examples of Elegant Layout on our Customers’ Websites


Additional Features

  • Choose from 16 pre-defined color themes or easily customize your own.
  • Choose from 8 pre-defined style combinations or customize your own.
  • Choose from over 50 professional icons for Grid Layout categories.
  • Enjoy fully responsive front end and admin pages that look great on phones and tablets.
  • Hierarchical documentation with up to 3 levels of categories.


Elegant Layouts configuration

Elegant Layouts configuration





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Add-on Details

  • VERSION: 1.6.0