Extend Your Knowledge Base
with Add-ons

Built specifically for KB to customize the functionality of your online business.

Protect your knowledge base articles

Access Manager

Restrict your Articles to certain Groups using KB Categories. Assign users to specific KB Roles within Groups.

Coming Soon

LInk PDFs and pages to Knowledge Base

Links Editor for PDFs and More

Set Articles to links to PDFs, pages, posts and websites. On KB Main Page, choose icons for your articles.

Coming Soon

Create Multiple Knowledge Bases

Multiple Knowledge Bases

Create two or more Knowledge Bases, one for each of your topics, products, services and teams. Each Knowledge Base has separate Main Page, articles, URLs, and admin screens.

Add Sidebar and Grid Layouts

Elegant Layouts

Elegant Layouts extension adds Sidebar Layout and Grid Layout templates to the core Knowledge Base plugin with a total of six layouts.


Add KB Search, Most Recent Articles and other widgets and shortcodes to your articles, sidebars and pages.