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This Widget extension lets you place KB Widgets and KB Shortcodes anywhere on your website. The add-on also includes KB Sidebar for adding widgets to KB Articles.

KB Widgets and Shortcodes

Add KB Search, Most Recent Articles, and other widgets to your articles, sidebars, and website pages. You can add KB Widgets to KB Sidebar and your theme sidebars.

KB Search    (Widget/Shortcode)
The search widget lets you add KB search box on your Home page, Contact Us page, and others. Users can search through KB Articles without going to the KB Main Page.

KB Categories   (Widget/Shortcode)
This widget lists your KB Categories for easy reference, typically displayed in sidebars.

List of Category Articles    (Widget/Shortcode)
The Widget/shortcode displays a list of articles for a given category.

KB Tags   (Widget/Shortcode)
The KB Tags widget displays current KB tags, ordered alphabetically.

List of Tagged Articles   (Widget/Shortcode)
Displays a list of articles that have a given tag.

Recent Articles Widget   (Widget/Shortcode)
Show either recently created or recently modified KB Articles.

KB Sidebar with KB Widgets

KB Sidebar

KB Sidebar will be shown only on the left side or right side of your KB articles. Add KB Widgets and/or your theme and plugin widgets to the KB Sidebar. KB Sidebar Benefits:

  • Display KB Sidebar on the left side or right side of your KB articles.
  • Add KB Widgets to the sidebar.
  • Also add your theme widgets to the sidebar.
  • Get seamless integration with the WordPress Widgets menu.

Common Use Cases

  • Add KB Search shortcode to your Contact Us form.
  • Show KB Categories and Tags on non-KB pages.
  • List the most recent articles on your documentation home page.
  • Display custom content on your KB sidebar.
  • Let users browse KB Categories from the KB Article pages.
Using KB Shortcode search above contact form


  • Includes 6 Widgets
  • Includes 6 Shortcodes
  • Choose from 2 KB Sidebar Layout options (Left or Right)
  • Switch between current theme CSS or KB-specific CSS for KB Widgets and Shortcodes
  • Works well with tablets and mobile phones.

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Add-on Details

  • VERSION: 1.10.1