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Three Licenses for the Price of One

If you are exporting KB content from one site and importing it into another site, you will need multiple licenses. This plugin comes with 3 sites license to allow easy transfer of KB content between websites.

Premium Solution to Migrate, Import, and Export Articles

The Articles Import and Export add-on is one of the most advanced and robust WordPress solutions to migrate, export and import KB articles:

  • Articles are parsed to update all relevant URLs.
  • Images, pdfs, docs, and other files are downloaded from the source site.
  • Authors can be mapped between sites.
  • categories, tags, and meta data are handled as well.
  • More features are coming.
Import articles from a third-party plugin or software
Generate articles from CSV files
Migrate articles between websites
Export and import KB content within and between sites

How does this add-on save you MONEY, TIME, and STRESS? Using an automated tool provides these benefits:

Price Discount for Professional and Access Bundle Holders

Receive a discount of $30 if you have any bundle. Contact us for details.

Prevent hundreds of typos and copy-paste mistakes.
Repeat the process multiple times.
Avoid manually entering all KB content to save your valuable time.

(Import hundreds of articles once rather than entering each one by hand.)

Automatically copy files and attachments from the source site.
Use other features, such as bulk create with CSV and more.
Typos and copy-paste mistakes such as:
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Wrong data
  • Wrong format
If you must repeat manual entry again in the future, the costs accumulate over time.
It is extremely time consuming. The time you spent on this is the time you lost working on other tasks.
It requires knowledge of WordPress admin screens.
It requires access to the original website articles and media.

* This assumes that data entry employees are paid $18/hour and have to spend at least 15 minutes creating an article, copying information, migrating images, adding categories, and more. For 100 articles, it will take around 25 hours to complete migration for a total cost of over $400. Additionally, you will need to spend more time later to fix mistakes and typos.

XML format allows you to export all content information from your Knowledge Base and easily import all articles or just a selected few into another website.

The XML Import and Export includes:

Articles and their meta data
Categories and their meta data
Attachments (to be downloaded on import)
Password generation for protected articles
Author mapping between source and destination sites

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The CSV format is designed to import and export basic information about articles. The simplicity of the CSV format allows you to easily view and edit the CSV in MS Excel, Google Sheets, and other spread sheet editors.

The CSV Import and Export includes:

Article title
Article content
Categories (no hierarchy)

Below is a list of import, export, and migrate tasks and how to achieve them:

Add Short Articles to WordPress Using CSV

Use a CSV file to create or update articles and import them into KB. A CSV file can be easily created and managed in MS Excel, Google Sheets, Notepad++, and other spread sheet editors. Contact us here if you have questions.

How to import CSV file
Let Users Without a WordPress Account Add and Edit Articles

Use CSV file to allow others to edit or add articles using tools like MS Excel, Google Sheets, Notepad++, and others. This option will help you:

  • Avoid creating WordPress accounts for users that only need a simple way to submit and edit articles.
  • Make it easy for inexperienced customers or team members to change articles and contribute to your Knowledge Base.
  • Collect submissions from other places to put into your Knowledge Base.

Contact us here if you have questions.

How to import CSV file
Add Articles in Bulk Using CSV

If you plan to add a large number of articles, start by creating a set of initial articles that have your template structure before you populate the content. To do so, create a CSV file, then create a first row with the desired article template. Duplicate the first row to add the desired number of articles. Contact us here if you have questions.

How to Import CSV File
Copy or Move Individual Articles

Depending on how many articles you need to copy or move, you can either use third-party plugin or the Articles Import and Export add-on:

Import, Export, and Migrate Articles

Use the Articles Import and Export add-on to export articles from one KB and import them into another KB using CSV or XML format. 

Import and Export Overview
Import your documentation from a third-party software

After you export your documentation from a third-party software into a CSV file, use the Import Articles CSV option to import them into your Knowledge Base. 

How to Import CSV File
Generate a PDF manual for your customers and users

Generating a PDF from your Knowledge Base is a feature we plan to release in the future. Contact us for details.

Convert Posts or Custom Post Types into Articles

If you have blog posts or other KB custom post types you want to convert into Articles, use Articles Import and Export add-on. This feature is coming later. Contact us here if you have questions.

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  • Following years are 50% off from the listed price.
  • License is valid for test / development sites
  • Expired license doesn't disable plugin features

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