Export Articles as XML

The Articles Import and Export add-on was developed to help users automate moving their content. There are also free import and export options available here.

For detailed information about export and the differences between CSV and XML, read this overview article.

XML file format allows you to export most of the KB content from your Knowledge Base and then import all or some of the content into another website or KB within the same site.

The XML Import and Export includes:

  • Articles and their meta data
  • Article comments
  • Categories and their meta data
  • Tags
  • Images, PDFs, docs, and other files
  • Attachment References (to be downloaded from the source site on import)
  • Password generation for protected articles
  • Author mapping between source and destination sites
  • We highly recommended you test the import and export on a staging or test site before using it in production.
  • If adding or editing articles happens during the export operations, the changes might not be included in the export. To minimize this effect, run the export outside of business hours
  • The Export will not backup your whole website, other settings, or non-KB content. It should be used for migration and copy of KB content rather than as a backup solution.
  • Comments are imported for new articles or current articles only if a comment with the same date does not already exist.
  • Articles with a status of trash, inherit, or auto-draft are not exported.
  • Exported files do not contain any passwords for password protected articles. Passwords will be auto-generated on the destination website.
  • If Access Manager is active, articles are exported as private with the current admin as the author.

The export process is very simple. Please make sure you have the Import/Export add-on installed and the license key activated.

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