KB Groups

For This Feature You Need the KB Groups Add-on

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The KB Groups add-on helps you to organize your users into KB Groups, separating their access to KB content based on the access to categories and articles that each group needs.

To see how KB Groups help you manage WordPress users access to KB Content, see KB Roles.

Create, rename and delete KB Groups.

Add WordPress users to KB Groups.

Assign KB Categories to groups.

Assign KB Articles to groups.

Choose a role for each user within a group.

Map WordPress built-in Roles to KB Groups and KB Roles.

Give front-end access to the KB Main Page.

KB Content is restricted by KB Group and KB Role rather than by individual users. If you need to restrict a user to specific KB Categories, assign the user to an existing KB Group with the required access or create a new KB Group.

Access to KB Articles is defined using KB Categories. In other words, you cannot control access on article level, aside from giving a group read-only access to specific articles (described in next article).

    • Each KB Group is a collection of all users that have interest in and need access to the same content. You can create KB Groups and assign your users to those groups. Each user within their group has a specific KB Role: KB Subscriber, KB Contributor, KB Author, KB Editor or KB Manager.
    • KB Roles are assigned to users within each KB Group. If you have the Custom Roles add-on, you can also map custom WP Roles to KB Groups and Roles.
    • Both KB Managers and WP administrators can assign users to KB Groups.
    • Administrators and KB Managers do not belong to any KB Group.
    • Each WordPress user can be assigned to one or more KB Groups.
    • Users within a KB Group can have only one KB Role.

Access Manager has two types of groups:

Public group

    • A public group is a KB Group that represents site visitors and determines what KB content (if any) the public can access.
    • There is always one Public “group” per Knowledge Base.
    • The administrator and KB manager selects which categories and articles will become public.
    • Every site visitor (whether logged in or not) has access to all Public articles and categories.

Restricted groups

    • Restricted groups are KB Groups created and configured by administrators and KB Managers. Restricted groups only contain WordPress registered users with access to selected or all KB content.
    • Each restricted group has its own name, users, and access to some or all KB content.
    • Each restricted group has one or more KB Subscribers, KB Contributors, KB Authors, and KB Editors.
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