CSV versus XML Format

The following table shows the differences between exporting and importing KB content in CSV and XML format. 

CSV format – fast and simple way to export and import article basic information

XML format – more complex but a complete export and import of article data including attachments, authors, password, and more.

Supported FeaturesXMLCSVNotes
Article - Title
Article - Content
( Text )
Article - Excerpt
Article - Comments To avoid duplication, comments are only copied between sites not within the same site.
Article - Meta Data
Article - Tags
Categories - Meta Data
(Description, Font Icons etc.)
Categories - HierarchyCategory hierarchy is not created during import. You need to assign imported categories to appropriate parents.
Categories - Image Icons
Author mapping
Import Assets ( Files ) Max 50MB
(Images, PDF, Excel, etc.)
Attachment References
(Images, PDF, Excel, etc.)
XML Import:

  • All images, pdfs, docs and other files will be imported if possible.

CSV Import:

  • All images, pdfs, docs and other files will not be imported. Links will reference the original site.

Edit via Excel-like Tools
Password Protected ArticlesXML Import:

  • Article will stay as "Password Protected." However, the password will be auto-generated.

CSV Import:

  • Articles will be converted to "Draft" and are not protected.

Backup the whole KB
Migrate within a Website
WordPress Editor (Gutenberg Blocks)XML Import:

  • Some GT Blocks will work while others might need to be re-saved or adjusted. This depends how the block stores its data.

CSV Import:

  • Gutenberg Blocks are not supported.

Page Builders
(Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, etc.)
XML Import:

  • Some Builders render an imported article without issues while others will not. This depends on how they stored their data. Note: If the article looks wrong, you may need to resave the article to regenerate blocks or widgets.

CSV Import:

  • Page Builders are not supported.

Links Editor - Add-onLinks Editor has to be active during XML import. CSV import will create regular articles instead of linked articles.
Rating - Add-on
Other Content Types
(Pages, Other Custom Post types, Posts, etc.)
Other Custom Post Types might work depending on the destination site configuration, but support is not provided.
Access Manager Content Only No Access settings will be imported. All access must be setup in the imported Knowledge Base.
KB GroupsNo Access settings will be imported. All access must be set up in the imported Knowledge Base.
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