Change KB Permalinks, URL, and Slugs

URL and Slugs Configuration

Use Global Wizard (in admin > Knowledge Base > Manage KBs > KB URls tab to set the following:

[1] – Set Knowledge Base URL
[2] – Set KB Articles URL with category slug
[3] – Set KB Articles URL 

STEP 1 - Knowledge Base (Main Page) URL

STEP 1 in Global Wizard lists all pages that contain KB shortcode.

Each page with KB shortcode also has:

– the slug that determines the slug of the Knowledge Base itself

– the page title

– the KB shortcode

You can also delete the page or remove the KB shortcode if you want to remove it from the list.

STEP 2 - Articles Page URL

InĀ STEP 2 you can choose the URL for your KB articles.

You can have an articles URL with or without the category slug. The default is without the category slug.

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