Multiple KBs Overview

Create unlimited number of Knowledge Bases, one for each of your topics, products, services, departments, and more.

On your website, you can use the Multiple Knowledge Bases add-on to create several knowledge bases (KB). Each KB can cover different topics, products, and services or help different teams.


Separate KB configuration.

Separate KB Main Page, KB Articles, Categories, and Tags.

Separate Admin screens.


  • Each Knowledge Base can target specific users, teams and customers, avoiding confusion.
  • Searches are specific to the chosen knowledge base, avoiding the inclusion of irrelevant articles in search results.
  • Each knowledge base has its own set of categories and tags
  • Using KB Themes, knowledge bases can also be distinguished by color and/or layout
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Provide an internal Knowledge Base for your employees and a public one for your customers.

Separate Knowledge Base documents between departments.

Setup Knowledge Base for your e-commerce store.

Divide a complex document structure into separate Knowledge Base areas.

Tailor each Knowledge Base to your VIP customer.

Translate each Knowledge Base to a different language.

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