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To control KB comments:

  1. Click on the Article Container
  2. Select the comments option and in the settings on the left sidebar and save.


Comments have these options:

  • Disabled for all articles – no article will have a visible comments section
  • Enabled for all articles – all articles will have a comments section regardless of each article’s individual configuration
  • Determined by individual article’s comments option – each article comment section is controlled on the article edit screen.
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If you choose the KB comments option “Determined by individual article’s comments option” then go to each KB article page to control the comments visibility. Also see WordPress Global Configuration option section on this page.

Note: If you don’t see the Discussion fields, check that you have them enabled in the screen options.

The WordPress global setting for comments is listed under Settings -> Discussion tab in your WordPress admin panel.

This setting only applies to new articles and posts. When a new article is created, its “Allow Comments” option is set based on the following global setting:

☐  Allow people to post comments on new articles

You can override this default value by going to the article edit page.

Wordpress Comment Settings
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The current theme can have its own settings that control whether comments will show on all posts. Check that your theme settings are not overriding the KB comments configuration.

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