Current Theme Template vs KB Template

Use the front-end Editor, test each template and see how it looks like on your web page:

a) Knowledge Base Template ( KB Template ) – we removed all elements that are not KB related so we only show KB elements. This means that KB articles expand further on the page since we do not display blog sidebars. Our Article pages do provide their own sidebars , please this article on the display structure. ( Click here to read about that )

b) Current Theme Template – your theme does all the styling and layout placement. Your theme will also govern the width of KB pages.

Here is a brief overview:



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Please make sure you are on the Main Page of the KB to access this setting. 

Display below shows you each three main areas as an example ( Main page , Article page and Category Archive page )

Below is an example of how the KB Main Page will look like. The search bar spans the width of the website.

Below is KB article page example with sidebars.

The KB category archive page example uses one of 5 different styles to choose from.

Display below shows you each three main areas as an example ( Main page , Article page and Category Archive page )

This is how the Main page can look like. Here you can see a few differences for example:

1. The top area has a purple box with the title Knowledge base this is the theme heading. This is added by the theme.

2. The Left and Right white areas beside the Main page KB. This is extra space because the theme is controlling the KB main page content width.

This is how the Article page can look like. Here you can see what the theme has added to the article page.

1. Top purple box with title ( Theme heading )

2. Blog sidebar added 

3. Article Page which includes the sidebars and center content is put inside the themes content area. Making it look very small. 

This is how the Category Archive page looks like, in most cases the theme will make the category archive page look like a blog category archive page. This is common practice as the theme will style it like WordPress archive page. In this example you can see how different the article list styling is and the theme has added a blog sidebar as well. The top area once again has the purple heading.

Colors can be set as described in this article: customize colors

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