Article Layout

Article Page has several main areas called sections that you can select in the frontend Editor to configure easily: Page Content, Article Content ( Top Features, Content, Footer),  and Left and Right Sidebar.

The Page Content section is a container that holds all the article elements. The Page Content has settings to control the container width and spacing.

The article content is broken down into three sections: Top Features, Content, and Footer area.

The Top Features section contains:

  • Article Title
  • Back Navigation
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Posted Date
  • Updated Date
  • Author
  • Print Button

To Edit these features, click here.

The main content of the article is controlled by your page builder: Elementor, Divi Page builder, Gutenberg Editor, Visual Composer, and others.

The Footer section contains Last Updated date, Created date, author, Article Rating (requires add-on) and Previous/Next Navigation.

If you are missing some features, you can enable them:

  • Click on the bottom Navigation button
  • Go to the Deactivated Section tab and turn on the features you need.
  • Click on the feature on the preview page to edit it. 

Clicking on the Left or Right sidebar will bring up their settings. From here you can change background, colors, widths and more.

You can also control the elements that appear in each sidebar.

  • Navigation Menu
    • Elegant Layouts Add-on Required
    • Left Sidebar Only
  • Table of contents (TOC)
  • Widgets
    • to choose what widgets are inside by go to Appearance -> Widgets

Orange Background Color – This is the Margin area for the Article Template

Green Background Color – This is the Padding area for the Article Template

Yellow Background color – This is the Article Container, which contains all the individual containers. 

A brief explanation of the Orange Boxes.


Heading / Search

This container is where the search box is located.

Left Sidebar

The left sidebar can hold Widgets container, TOC, and the Elegant Layouts Navigation 

Center Content

This container holds the elements like – Article Content from your page builder, Breadcrumbs, Tags, Back navigation button.

Right Sidebar

The right sidebar can hold Widgets container, TOC 


This container is not currently used but you can hook into it with custom code.

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