KB Visual Editor

Visual Editor allows for easy configuration of all settings on the KB Main Page, KB Article Pages and Category Archive Pages.

In addition to the basic settings, the Visual Editor also provides configuration for the following:

  • Colors and typography (font types and sizes)
  • Special features
  • Spacing and padding
The Visual Editor can be launched in two ways:
   a) On the front-end together with the webpage heading and footer
   b) On the back-end within the admin area
When to Use the Back-end Editor

Some plugins can cause conflict on the front-end, so please use the back-end version.

The Navigation feature allows you to view and edit all the available elements on the page in a hierarchical structure.

  1. To access this list, simply click on the Navigation button.
  2. Each element on the list is editable
  3. Hovering over its name will reveal the "Edit Section" link.
Click to zoom

If you cannot locate a particular element on the page, it is possible that it has been disabled. To view a list of all disabled elements for the current page,

  1. Navigate to the Navigation section
  2. Click on the Disabled Sections tab. You will see a number indicating the total number of disabled elements.
  3. From this list, you can choose to re-enable any of the disabled elements.
KB Visual Editor - Disabled Elements
Click to zoom

If you wish to load the editor from the front end, click on the top admin link:

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