Main Page FAQs

Setting the Knowledge Base Shortcode
To display the Knowledge Base main page on your WordPress site, insert the appropriate shortcode on a regular page. For detailed instructions, please read this full article.
Website Footer Not Visible or Missing

If the footer is missing on your Knowledge Base main page and article pages, check your theme configuration. Alternatively, try switching the KB Template option as described in this link.

Tabs Layout Not Showing Articles Under Top Categories

In the Tabs Layout, articles are not displayed under the main top categories, as these categories are used as tabs. Assign articles to sub-categories within each tab category. For more information please read this full article.

Setting the KB Main Page as the Home Page

To set the KB Main Page as your Home Page, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to admin > Settings > Reading page.
  2. Select the 'Static page' option.
  3. Choose the page where the knowledge base is located.
  4. Save your settings.
Note: The URL of articles and categories will remain unchanged, retaining the KB Main Page slug.
Linking a Category to the Category Archive Page
  1. Open the KB Editor.
  2. Click on the Category Header.
  3. Go to the Features Tab.
  4. Enable the 'Category link to Archive page' option.
  5. Save your settings.
Changing the Knowledge Base URL

To change the Knowledge Base URL, please refer to the article Change KB Permalinks, URL, and Slug

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