How to Install Access Manager

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If you currently have Echo Knowledge Base content live, you should first read and plan configuration of the content access for your users and groups. Once the Access Manager plugin is installed and before you start to configure access, all KB content will be restricted and inaccessible to anyone except the administrator.


if your website is caching your pages and you make changes to your content access you might need to either wait for your cache to refresh or manually purge your cache so that these changes will take effect on your website’s front-end.

If you have a multi-site you will need to install Access Manager and activate it on a specific single site.

1 Before you start installation, ensure that:

  • Your website’s current KB can be offline while you are installing and configuring Access Manager.
  • You have downloaded the Access Manager plugin zip file.
  • When Access Manager is installed, all your Knowledge Base content will be restricted and no one will be able to access it. You should plan and have enough time to configure Access Manager as needed.

2 When you are ready then:


Important Notice:

Back up your WordPress site, especially the WordPress database.


  1. Do not proceed until your backup is complete and you can easily revert the website.
  2. Deactivate all Echo KB add-ons.
  3. Deactivate Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs plugin (if you have one).
  4. Uninstall the Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs plugin (keep the other add-ons installed).
    • Note: All KB articles, categories and tags will stay in the database and will be available for Access Manager to control.
  5. Install the Access Manager plugin.
  6. Activate the Access Manager plugin. For multi-sites this has to be a single site activation.
  7. Activate KB add-ons.

3 After installation:

  1. As the administrator, verify that your Knowledge Base works on both the front-end and back-end.
  2. Read documentation on how to configure Access Manager.
  3. Read the Required Maintenance chapter.
Last Updated On July 26, 2019