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Creating Templates using Child Theme

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This option is suitable for PHP/CSS/HTML developers. It allows one to further customize look and feel of Knowledge Base pages when displayed using the current theme by setting up a child theme and making changes to the child theme templates.

Child Theme using Hello Elementor

We have developed a very basic child theme that demonstrates the ability to create your own custom templates. This child theme is based on the Hello Elementor theme. We chose this theme because it’s very basic and it allows you to easily see the code and the output.

The structure is based on WordPress Template structure, your theme might have chosen a different way to display it. If that is the case you will need to learn that theme and how it works. We do NOT provide support for this level of customization.

Here is the article you need to follow: Template Hierarchy and you will need to coordinate with your theme company if you want help with their template structure.

This child theme is a proof of concept that shows you it is possible to create Knowledge base templates, but it will take a PHP developer who is familiar with WordPress to understand how to make it work between the KB and the theme you have chosen.

Make sure you have

  1. Backed up your website or test this on your staging site
  2. Hello Elementor Installed https://wordpress.org/themes/hello-elementor/
  3. Hello Elementor Child theme Installed and activated.
  4. Echo Knowledge based Installed and activated
  5. Then load the front end of the KB to see the custom HTML examples. ( Highlighted in Yellow )
  6. Switch Between Current theme or KB Theme options in the Global Wizard to see which template works best for you.


Additional articles about this Child theme.

  1. Creating Custom Articles

Child Theme

This is for Developers ONLY

Good luck with your project!
Echo Team.

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