5. Define Access to Categories

KB Groups Add-on

If you do not have the KB Groups add-on, you will only see the Public Group option. Get the KB Groups add-on here.

Each KB Group can have limited access to KB content. In particular, a KB Group can have the following levels of access:

  • No Access – None of the KB Group users will be able to view and edit this category and its articles.
  • Read-Only Access – Users of this KB Group can only view this category and its articles.
  • Full Access – Users of this KB Group can view, edit and create articles in this category.
  1. Open Access Manager.
  2. Click on the Access to Categories tab.
  3. Select a group to change its access to categories.
  4. Select access level.
  5. Select one or more categories to give the selected access level. Repeat step 4 and 5 as needed.
  6. Save changes.

Access to KB Articles is defined using KB Categories. In other words, you cannot control access at the article level, aside from giving a group read-only access to specific articles (described in next article).

Draft categories can be used as part of Group Editor workflow: Editor Workflow

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