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If you are referring to WordPress “Shortcode” then please read this article: List of Widgets and Shortcodes. Otherwise please Contact Us.

You can find what’s new in our plugin. Go to admin > knowledge base > add-ons/news > new features page.

Our Knowledge Base was designed to have a fast loading speed on the frontend. We have customers with thousands of articles and hundreds of categories who have no issues. If you do experience any slow loading or performance issues, please Contact Us.

The following error could occur when trying to update an add-on during temporary network outage. Please try to update the add-on later:
    Update failed: Download failed. cURL error

The Cloudflare Rocket Loader will break the Front End editor. The issue is caused by the Rocket Loader automatically changing the scripts to load asynchronously, which breaks the KB Editor. The result will show the loading icon but nothing else changes.

There are three possible solutions:

  1. Disable the Rocket Loader as described here
  2. Exclude KB Pages from the Rocket Loader. To learn about exclusion rules in Cloudflare please check their official documentation here.
  3. Switch to use backend Editor instead.
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