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This shortcode adds a search form to search Knowledge base.

[widg-search-articles kb_id='1' title='Search Articles' search_button_name='Search' search_box_hint='Search the documentation...']

All parameters are optional:

  • title – heading above the widget
  • search_box_hint – hint visible in the box. If missing, the value will be ‘Search the documentation…’
  • search_button_name – name of the search button. If missing, the value will be ‘Search.’
  • kb_id – optional and used only when Multiple KBs add-on is active.


Widget Search Preset Styles

You can choose from seven preset styles to change the look of the search widget in KB Configuration:

KB Configuration -> Article Page -> Widgets -> Search Style Presets.

Widget Search Preset settings
Examples of Widget Search Preset settings


For detailed information about WordPress shortcodes click here.

Use this Shortcode to add KB elements to any page or post that supports shortcodes.

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