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Adding Custom Section to Articles using Hooks

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In addition to adding content with KB Articles, you can customize sections of every article:

  • Article header
  • Article left and right sidebar
  • Article footer

Then add any of the following sections to your articles:

  • Common links to your support form
  • Sign up form for email subscriptions
  • Bookmarks
  • Article status, such as “new” or “beta”
  • Share buttons
  • Content version numbers
  • Common footer
  • And much more

You have two ways to accomplish custom sections:

PHP Hooks and CSS ID diagram

Hooks in the image below are grouped by color:

  1. Red Text – CSS ID’s to target with your Custom CSS.

  2. Blue Text – Hook names to add custom Code.

Custom Code example

Here is an example of code to add to your Child theme’s function.php file. This code will output text and a list item. From here you can create any kind of section, including contact forms, subscription form, links and layouts.

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