FAQs Shortcode

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be displayed on the KB Main Page using either the FAQs Module or the FAQ shortcode. 

Frequenly Asked Questions

What are the top features?
✅ Fast search bar with listed results
✅ Five levels of hierarchical documentation
✅ Article view counter with Popular and Recent Articles
✅ FAQs Module and Shortcode
✅ Professional layouts
✅ Customizable Category Archive Page
✅ Articles with breadcrumb, navigation, TOC and more
✅ Navigation sidebar listing categories and articles
✅ AI Content Writing Like ChatGPT
What kind of support does your plugin offer?

We're here for you every step of the way! Our support team is available 7 days a week, ensuring you receive help within a day. No matter what questions or issues you have, we've got your back.

Is it easy to configure Knowledge Base?

Absolutely! Our Knowledge Base is super easy to get started with. We've got a straightforward setup wizard that guides you through the initial steps. And if you're into tweaking things to perfection, our configuration tool is just as user-friendly for diving into the finer details.

Can I easily move my documentation to Echo KB?

Yes, indeed! Moving your documentation over to Echo KB is a breeze with our import tools. You can upload CSV files directly or even convert existing posts into articles seamlessly. Learn More

Can I restrict access to my knowledge base?

Certainly! With our Access Control manager, you have complete control over who sees what. Whether it's for internal use, VIP clients, or premium content, you can easily manage access to different sections of your knowledge base. Learn More

The FAQ shortcode offers the following parameters to customize its appearance and content:

  • title: Sets the title of the FAQs section.
  • design: Lets you choose from eight predefined design styles.
  • class: Optional. Allows you to add custom CSS classes for styling.
  • title_alignment: ‘none’, ‘left’, ‘center’, ‘right’
  • number_of_columns: 1 or 2
  • border_mode: ‘none’, ‘all_around’, ‘separator’
  • icon_type: ‘icon_plus_box’, ‘icon_plus_circle’, ‘icon_plus’, ‘icon_arrow_caret’, ‘icon_arrow_angle’
  • icon_location: ‘no_icons’, ‘left’, ‘right’
  • compact_mode: ‘compact_small’, ‘compact_medium’
  • open_mode: ‘accordion_mode’, ‘toggle_mode’, ‘show_all_mode’
  • group_ids: Accepts one or more group IDs to display specific sets of questions.
WordPress Shortcode
				%crel_bracket_open%epkb-faqs title="Frequenly Asked Questions" design=1 group_ids=4687%crel_bracket_close%

It is possible to enhance the styling of your FAQs by incorporating custom CSS. This can be achieved by utilizing Javascript and CSS to target specific elements and apply the desired styles. However, please be advised that support for advanced customization is not provided by our team.

WordPress Shortcode
				// Adding your own custom Class
%crel_bracket_open%epkb-faqs title="Frequenly Asked Questions" group_ids=4687 class="custom-class"%crel_bracket_close%

The following premade FAQ designs will change the visual presentation of your questions and the way answers are revealed:

This code hides the category names.

				/* Hide Category Names */
 .epkb-faqs-container .epkb-faqs__cat-header{
  display: none !important;
FAQs and Access Manager Add-on

Note that the FAQs feature is not protected by Access Manager.

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