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Please note the Advanced Search addon is required.

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Shortcode for Advanced Search

The Advanced Search shortcode allows editors to use the shortcode on any page to display the Knowledge Base search box. KB users can then search the Knowledge Base without going to the KB Main Page. 

With Multiple KBs add-on, this shortcode also allows users to search more than one Knowledge Base.

The shortcode can be placed on any page, such as the Contact Us form to encourage users to search articles for solutions before submitting a ticket. Another good place to add the shortcode is the home page for site users searching for answers.

Shortcode format (backend):

WordPress Shortcode
				%crel_bracket_open%eckb-advanced-search kb_id="1"%crel_bracket_close%
%crel_bracket_open%eckb-advanced-search kb_id="5,6,7"%crel_bracket_close%

Search Box Configuration

The Advanced Search shortcode has two different configuration modes:

  • The front-end appearance is controlled by the first KB that is listed in the shortcode.
  • The search results are then taken from each KB ID listed in the shortcode.

Multiple KB Search Demo


The following link brings you to a KB page with advanced search that searches multiple KBs. Try to search using the keyword "test":
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