How Do I Troubleshoot an Issue?


Our plugins are thoroughly tested and verified with a large number of common themes and plugins before any update is released.

To resolve issues as quickly as possible, try using the troubleshooting tips and techniques below.

Please note: Always back up your website, or even better, test your issues on a staging site instead of a live site.

1. Ensure that you are up to date

Please insure that everything is up to date:
• Latest version of WordPress
• Latest version of your theme
• All plugins are up to date

2. Search Knowledge Base documentation for a solution

We keep adding new articles to our Knowledge Base documentation that helps users with issues. Please search the KB here: KB Documentation

3. Check KB Configuration page for settings

Look through all KB configuration settings to see whether your problem can be solved by changing a specific configuration.

4. Check for Plugins Conflict

Occasionally, a conflict between KB and other plugins occur.

Plugin conflicts occur because of many factors such as:
• Having two plugins that handle the same or similar tasks,
• Using poorly coded plugins or themes, and
• Running plugins that are out of date or no longer supported.

If you have a plugin that has an overlapping or similar functionality to our Knowledge Base plugin, deactivate that plugin and check to see if the issue has been resolved.

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