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How to Add Widget

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1. Decide what you need to accomplish and choose the appropriate KB Widget:

  • To list recently modified articles or recently created articles use KB Articles widget.
  • To list KB Categories or KB Tags use KB Categories or KB Tags widgets.
  • If you need to add KB search then use KB Search widget.
  • Articles that belong to one or more categories can be listed using KB Category Articles widget
  • Articles that belong to one or more tags can be listed using KB Tagged Articles Widget


2. Choose where to place the widget:


Page Left or Right Sidebar

  1. Add a KB Widget to your existing theme or plugin sidebar.
  2. Add a KB Widget to KB Sidebar.


Page Content

To add KB Widget to your webpage such as Home Page, KB Main Page, or Contact Us form:

  1. Add KB Shortcode to the page.
  2. Select Appearance -> Widgets screen.


KB Articles

     KB Article can either have no sidebar, KB Sidebar (on the left or on the right), or theme sidebar.


  1. Add KB Widget to the KB Sidebar.
  2. Add non-KB Widget to the KB Sidebar.
  3. Add KB Widget to theme sidebar if the sidebar is displayed on KB Article pages.


3. Configure your widget

KB Widget can be configured two different ways:

  1. Open WordPress Appearance->Widget admin screen and add KB Widgets and either KB Sidebar, theme sidebar, or plugin sidebar.

2. Open a page and add KB Widget shortcode to the page.


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