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Please note: This add-on Requires the Access Manager Core plugin.

KB Groups add-on helps you to organize your users into KB Groups, separating their access to KB content based on the access to categories and articles that each group needs.

  • Create, rename and delete KB Groups.
  • Add WordPress users to KB Groups.
  • Assign KB Categories to groups.
  • Assign KB Articles to groups.
  • Choose a role for each user within a group.
  • Map WordPress built-in Roles to KB Groups and KB Roles.

You can read detailed documentation about KB Groups here: documentation.

The following are examples of common scenarios for organizing teams and KB Content:

  • One Team – one internal KB
  • One Team – one partially public KB
  • Two or More Teams – sharing internal KB
  • Two or More Teams – sharing partially public KB
  • Two or More Teams – two or more separate KBs, one for each team

You can read detailed documentation about team structure here: documentation.

KB Groups Groups Tabs

Within a KB Group, each user has one of the following KB Roles. The KB Manager role is not specific to any KB Group.

  • KB Subscriber
    • This is the lowest role with the fewest privileges.
    • Users can read content his/her group has access to but cannot change any KB content.
  • KB Author
    • This is similar to the WordPress Author role.
    • The user can create and edit their articles but not create or edit categories or edit others’ articles.
  • KB Editor
    • This role is similar to the WordPress Editor role.
    • The user can create, edit, and delete any article that has at least one category that the user group owns.
    • The user can create, edit, and delete any category that his or her group owns.
  • KB Manager
    • The user in this role is considered to be an “administrator” for a given knowledge base.
    • For multiple Knowledge Bases, the manager controls all of them.
    • Unlike WordPress administrator, the KB Manager cannot access KB licenses.

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If you also purchase Custom Roles add-on (optional) you will be able to map WordPress custom roles to KB Groups and roles.

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  • VERSION: 2.4.1