Categories Overview

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Articles about categories:

  • Order Articles and Categories
    • You can order KB Categories alphabetically, numerically or by date.
  • Configure Categories
    • Go to admin > Knowledge Base > Configuration > Frontend Editor > select page type. In the Editor, select any category to configure it.
  • Change Icon for a Category
    • A category can have a font icon or image icon. Click on the article to see how.
  • Additional Styling of Category Page
    • A Category Archive Page can be further styled with our CSS snippets.
  • Creating Custom Category Pages
    • How-to guide on fully customizing your KB Category Archive pages.
  • Elementor Category Archive Template
    • How-to-guide on setting up Category Archive page with Elementor.
  • Search Category Filters
    • If you have the Advanced Search add-on, you can let your users filter a search by categories.
  • Show Category for Each Search Result
    • With the Advanced Search add-on, you can show Categories in search results.
  • Category Levels
    • Echo Knowledge Base has up to five levels of categories. Note that the Tabs Layout uses one level of categories to show tabs.
  • Include 'category' words in Article URLs
    • Go to admin > Knowledge Base > Configuration > Settings > KB URLs page and select option 'Category Name in KB URL'.
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