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In this article we will give you a quick overview on how to setup your custom Elementor category archive page.

Step 1: Set KB Template choice

First you will need to set your Template choice

  1. Go to the Global Wizard
  2. Go to the Other step
  3. Choose “Current Theme” option
  4. Save settings.

Step 2: Create New Template

First you will need to start with a fresh new template.

  1. Go to the Admin bar -> Templates
  2. Go to the Saved Templates
  3. Click on the “Add New” button.

Step 3: New Template

  1. Type of Template: Choose “Archive”
  2. Template Name: Name your template.
  3. Create Template: Click on this button.

Step 4: Skip Library

For this guide we will skip any library features so that we can get the archive page template working. If you want to go further in these advanced settings, we would recommend you follow this guide first just to get it working and then from there you can customize it further.

Step 5: Insert Widgets

  1. Archive Title Widget – Drag this widget onto the page to show your Archive titles.
  2. Text Editor Widget – Drag this widget onto the page and add some custom text for testing purposes.
  3. Archive Posts Widget – Add this widget to the page to pull the articles for the category archive page.

Step 6: Publish

  1. Once your done adding widgets go ahead and hit the publish button.

Step 7: Publish Settings

  1. We will need to add a condition click on the “Add Condition” button

Step 8: Publish Settings - Include

  1. Choose the Include option
    • Choose “All Archives” option
  2. Click “Save and Close” button

Step 9: Results

These are the results based on step 5 widgets you used. 

  1. This is the Archive Title Widget
  2. This is the Text Editor Widget
  3. This is the Archive Posts Widget
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