How to Import XML File

In this article we will show you how to import the following KB content from exported XML file:

  • KB Articles
  • KB Categories
  • KB Tags
  • Attachments
  • Authors
  • Authors are not imported but rather manually mapped from original to new authors. The system will auto-match authors if they have the same email address.
  • Attachments are downloaded from the original website and stored in the same directory on the destination site.
  • Password protected articles will be protected with a new password that admin needs to enter. This method will protect passwords used in the original site. All articles will be given the same password.

Step 1: Upload File to Import

  1. Choose your CSV file from your computer.
  2. Click on “Prepare Articles for Import” to start the next step.

Step 2: Review Uploaded Data Before Import Starts

When the first step finishes, it will display a status of all rows in the CSV file:

Step 2.1 Review Errors Found

The Errors Found table contains rows that could not be processed. See the Error Details column for more information.

Step 2.2 Review Articles to Overwrite

The Overwrite Articles table contains articles that match (by their titles) with existing articles and will overwrite the existing article upon import.

You can un-check articles that you do not want to override.

Step 2.3 Review Articles to Create

The New Articles table shows which articles were not found in the WordPress posts table (matched by title) and will be created upon import.

On the New Articles table, a few actions are possible:

  1. If you uncheck any article, it will not be imported.
  2. Click on the ( i ) Icon to see categories to which this article is assigned. If these Categories don’t exist they will be created.
  3. If you are ready, click on the Import Articles button to start the process of creating and updating articles in the database.
  4. If you need to start over click on this button.

Step 3. Import Articles

After the Import Articles button is clicked, the import process will start. It will be executed in batches. The number of articles imported at the given moment will be displayed.

  1. The import status
  2. To view all the imported articles, click on this button.

Step 4. Review Imported Articles, Categories, Tags, Authors and Attachments

The last step is to review imported articles in admin > Knowledge Base > All Articles. Also ensure that each article has at least one category assigned.

Finally publish the article so that they will become visible on the front end.

Articles that do not have a category or are in draft status will not be visible on the front end.

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