Three Licenses for the Price of One

If you are exporting KB content from one site and importing it into another site, you will need multiple licenses. This plugin comes with 3 sites license to allow easy transfer of KB content between websites.

Premium Solution to Migrate, Import and Export Articles

The Articles Import and Export add-on is one of the most advanced and robust WordPress solutions for KB content:

  • Articles are parsed to update all relevant URLs.
  • Images, pdfs, docs, and other files are downloaded from the source site.
  • Authors can be mapped between sites.
  • Categories, tags, and meta data are handled as well.
  • More features are coming soon.

KB content can be imported and exported between KBs within a single website and migrated from one website to another (only a single license is required to migrate content between sites).

Prevent hundreds of typos and paste mistakes.
Repeat the process any number of times.
Save your valuable time and avoid manually entering all KB content.

( import hundreds of articles once rather than entering each one by hand )

It automatically copies files and attachments from the source site.
It includes other features, such as bulk create with CSV and more.
It leads to typos and copy and paste mistakes such as:
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Wrong data
  • Wrong format
If you must repeat manual entry again in the future, costs of this labor accumulate over time.
It is extremely time consuming. The time you spent on this is the time you lost working on other tasks.
It requires knowledge of WordPress admin screens.
It requires access to the original website articles and media.

XML format allows you to export all content information from your Knowledge Base. The XML Import and Export includes:

  • Articles and their meta data
  • Article comments
  • Categories and their meta data
  • Tags
  • Attachments (to be downloaded on import)
  • Password generation for protected articles
  • Author mapping between source and destination sites

The CSV format is designed to import and export basic information about articles. The simplicity of the CSV format allows you to easily view and edit the CSV in MS Excel, Google Sheets, and other spread sheet editors. The CSV Import and Export includes:

  •  Article title, date, and status
  • Article content and excerpt
  • Categories (without hierarchy)
  • Tags
What is the Difference Between XML and CSV Formats?

XML and CSV are used for different scenarios and their capabilities differ substantially.

Learn More

If you need help with a specific task, check out our Scenarios Overview article. Do not hesitate to contact us here if you have questions or need further help.

Import, Export and Copy KB Articles

It's a powerful add-on that helps you migrate or copy articles and images from your Knowledge Base. You can also import articles from CSV and other sources.
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