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In this article we will give you a quick overview on how to setup your elementor plugin to work with our Knowledge base.

Note: If you having issues with the main page not displaying correctly, see this article. ( Click here )

Elementor Settings

  • Go to the Elementor Settings.
  • Go to the General Tab
  • Check the KB: Knowledge base ( Checkbox )
  • Save your settings.
Elementor Plugin Settings
Elementor Plugin Settings

Create KB Article

When you start new or edit articles, you will now see the elementor button at the top of your article page. Go ahead and click on this button to initiate the elementor plugin.

Edit With elementor button
Edit With elementor button
  1. Now you can start dragging elements on to your article and start editing the elements you dropped in.
  2. Assign Article Categories.
  3. When you are finished you can click on the publish button at the bottom.
Inserting Elementor elements into page
Inserting Elementor elements into page

Update Article Categories

Once you are finished creating your article, you will need to assign this article to a KB Category. Therefore you need to go back to the original screen.

  1. Click on the menu icon.
  2. Click on the “Exit to Dashboard” button.

Note: You could always assign the category first before starting your article with elementor.

Main Page Editing – Part 1

Now we will edit the Knowledge base main page. 

  1. Go to the KB configurations.
  2. Go to overview tab and scroll down.
  3. Click on the Edit link for your knowledge base main page.
Editing Main page
Editing Main page

Main Page Editing – Part 2

Click on the “Edit with Elementor” button.

Edit Elementor button
Edit Elementor button

Main Page Editing – Part 3

When you first load the page you will just see the KB Main page shortcode #2 in the screenshot.

  1. Clicking on the plus sign above the short code you can create elements above.
  2. This is the shortcode required for the KB Main page.
  3. Clicking on the plus sign below the shortcode you can create elements below the KB.
  4. And this is the preview of the editor results.

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