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How to Create a New Knowledge Base

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In order to create a new Knowledge Base using the Multiple Knowledge Base plugin, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Create Knowledge Base button, located beside KB tabs:

manage multiple KBs

manage multiple KBs

The plugin will create a new Knowledge Base, including:
– Main Page with the new Knowledge Base shortcode in the form of [epkb-knowledge-base id="x"]
– Category and sub-category with sample articles


2. Edit the created Main Page and change its name and slug as desired. For example E-Commerce:


3. Update Article Pages Common Path to match the new KB slug:

How to Navigate Between KBs

Navigate between your KBs by simply selecting a specific Knowledge Base tab. Each new KB will have a set of its own screens for articles, categories, tags and configuration, conveniently accessible by selecting the KB from a list of tabs.

select knowledgebase

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