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Additional Styling for Category Page

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This article is for adding additional style customization to the Category page. ( AKA Category Archive Page )

In this example we will add custom CSS to the style 5 ( Grid ).

Style 5 Grid Layout for Archive page

Archive Page Title color

#eckb-categories-archive-container-v2 .eckb-category-archive-title {
      color: red !important;

Article Title Color

#eckb-categories-archive-container-v2 .eckb-article-title a {
color:blue !important;

Read More Text Color

#eckb-categories-archive-container-v2 .eckb-article-read-more {
color: purple !important;

Have the size of grids be uniform

#eckb-categories-archive-container-v2 .eckb-category-archive-style-5 .eckb-article-container {
min-height: 193px;

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