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Overview of our Creative Widgets add-on

Our Elementor widgets are designed for writers. We make it easy to write great instructions, step-by-step guides, manuals and detailed documentation.



We have a lot of experience creating documents, articles, knowledge bases and FAQs. We offer the most popular Knowledge Base plugin. Now we have added Elementor widgets to complement it.



The preset option adjusts the widget to a specific look. Each preset has a unique style and design so you can choose the one that works for your needs. Every widget comes with several preset options.



Each widget has large number of settings for fine tuning. Start with one of its presets and adjust as many settings as you need.



Creative Addons for Elementor page builder will enhance and speed your productivity for WordPress pages, posts and articles. It improves your editing and productivity capabilities, taking them to a whole new level. Sometimes you need to write articles and instructions very quickly and efficiently, and we can help with that.



Advanced Heading

  • Add attractive and prominent headings for sections in your documents.
  • Supplement headings with HTML anchors anywhere on the page. Add a tag.

Advanced Lists

  • Create lists of items with indents.
  • Choose from numeric, alpha, Rome and other list types.

Notification Box

  • Inform, Warn, or Suggest to your readers with boxed instructions.
  • Choose your icon and add ‘Learn More’ link.


  • Provide easy, step-by-step instructions with a single widget.
  • Complement each step with image and distinguishable step number.

Echo Knowledge Base

  • Add the full Knowledge Base page of categories and articles.

KB Recent Articles

  • List recent articles from your Echo Knowledge Base.

KB Categories

  • List specific categories from your Echo Knowledge Base.

KB Search

  • Let reader to search through your Echo Knowledge Base.
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