Common questions or issues with article pages.

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Here are common questions and answers (FAQs)

Set the Article Page and Article body values to 100%.

To learn how to do this please see this article.

Adjust the Tablet width values for each Sidebar and content. Then set the breakpoints at the bottom of the settings to indicate when to trigger this width setting.

The Mobile Screen Break point has no width values. This is the breakpoint at which each sidebar and content becomes full width and takes up the whole page width because there is not enough space for sidebars.

Please see this article ( Click here )
And go to the section called “Sidebar Priorities

Some theme don’t output the styling for the article content for custom post types. What happens usually are things like your lists are missing bullet points and your headings are all the same size. For more information please read this article.

For articles, you can do this in the Search Wizard, on step Article Page Search then on the sidebar settings change the Layout to No Search Box

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