Category Archive Page

The Category Archive page is a standard WordPress page that outputs a list of articles based on selected categories. Refer to the WordPress article for details here.

Your Theme Controls Number of Listed Articles per Page

You can control how many articles are listed on the Category Archive page in your theme settings.

How do I configure the KB Category Archive page?

If you have the KB Template option active (KB Template ), you can control some of the elements on the Category Archive page.

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Creating Custom Category Pages

If you want to create your own custom Category Archive pages using PHP templates and CSS and JS, see the link below.

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How do I style the Category Archive page?

If you want to add more styling to the KB Category archive pages, you will need to add your own custom CSS.

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How do I use Elementor for the Category Archive page?

We have an in-depth article with step-by-step instructions on how to use Elementor for all your KB pages.

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