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In this article, we will discuss the widths of articles and how to adjust the overall width.

There are two main containers on the article page: the page width container, which is highlighted in yellow, and the body container, which is highlighted in blue.

Below are instructions on how to adjust the widths of these two containers.

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The Search box has two options:

Boxed Width: The boxed width option will set the box max width to 1080px and it will match the KB Category container width.

Full Width: The full width option will set the box max width to 100% and it will go as far as the theme allows it to. In this example, it is 1920px.

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This is the overall container, everything is limited by this top container. It is recommended to leave this at 100%

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The article width is contingent upon the template selected. When utilizing the KB template, the article will expand to the maximum width of the browser, as long as the user chooses to do so. Conversely, when using the theme template, the overall theme settings will dictate the width of the container for the entire page. If the width of the article appears to be inadequate when using the theme template, it is likely due to the theme settings or hard-coded limitations that restrict the overall width. Despite any adjustments made to the KB width, it cannot override the theme’s container settings.

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This container controls both Sidebars and center content. This will either allow all of it to expand or not.

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If you are experiencing issues with the width not being wide enough, try this test: set your width and body container to 100% and view the result on the front end. If your article is not all the way to the edges of your screen, then your theme is limiting the width.

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