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This article for the older legacy article page version, to get more functionality and use the latest version see these articles.

 Display Structure ( Overview )

Switching to Version 2

Add any widget to the KB Sidebar to have it displayed on the left or right side of KB articles. KB Sidebar allows you to add different content for your knowledge base instead of pulling the generic sidebar from your theme.

KB Article can either have no sidebar, KB Sidebar (on the left or on the right), or theme sidebar.

  1. Add KB Widget to the KB Sidebar.
  2. Add non-KB Widget to the KB Sidebar.
  3. Add KB Widget to theme sidebar if the sidebar is displayed on KB Article pages.

Choose Sidebar Location

Go to the KB Configuration screen and setup your KB Sidebar location:

KB Configuration -> Article Page -> Widgets -> KB Sidebar Location

Remember to save your configuration.

Widget Search Preset settings

KB Sidebar Configuration

To configure KB Sidebar, go to WordPress -> Appearance -> Widgets screen.

The example on the right shows KB Widgets ( A, B, C, D ). Simply drag them to the Echo KB Article Sidebar ( 2 ) for them to be visible on your KB article pages.

You can also drag KB Widgets to other sidebars from your theme and plugins. Once you have moved them over, you can edit their specific settings.

Screenshot of WordPress Widget page with KB Widgets

KB Sidebar Examples

Here are two KB Widgets assigned to the Echo KB Articles Sidebar:

  • Echo KB – Search
  • Echo KB – Categories
KB Sidebar with widgets assigned
After configuring KB Sidebar, you might see the following layout: ( The look might be different based on your theme )

  1. This is your content area
  2. This is your KB Article Sidebar
    • Two Widgets assigned to the sidebar are displayed.

If you see a third sidebar like in the example here, you can remove it by changing your configuration. Also see this article to switch your KB articles to full width.

Front end example of KB Sidebar with Default Sidebar
If you change your KB Configuration to use  Knowledge Base Templates Designed for Articles, you will see the following layout.
Front end example of KB Sidebar with Removed Default Sidebar
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