Knowledge Base Shortcode

Echo Knowledge Base will display on the page that contains the KB shortcode. You have the following options to set the KB shortcode:

a) Run the Setup Wizard. The wizard will automatically creates a new page with the KB shortcode if one does not already exist. How to Run Setup Wizard

b) Manual Insertion: Insert the KB shortcode into any existing page using your preferred builder or the classic editor:

WordPress Shortcode
				%crel_bracket_open%epkb-knowledge-base id=1%crel_bracket_close%
      • kb_id parameter is the ID of your knowledge base. Use ‘1’ unless you have the Unlimited KBs add-on, which allows you to add additional knowledge bases.

c) Use Shortcode Block: Add the KB shortcode directly to a Shortcode Block:

After you add the KB shortcode to the page and save, you should see the Knowledge Base displayed on the page in the frontend, similar to this example:

The Knowledge Base page is configurable to contain search, categories and articles, featured article, faqs and more:

Configuration of the Knowledge Base is explained in this article.

Where to Insert KB Shortcode

Insert the KB shortcode into a page but not a post.

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