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The KB main page is outputted using a shortcode, such as [ epkb-knowledge-base id=1]. This shortcode should be placed on a page. The width of the output, or the KB main page, can be adjusted to some extent. The instructions for adjusting the width of the KB main page are provided below.

There are two containers for the main page:

  • The Search Box container
  • The KB Categories container

Below are instructions on how to change width for these two containers.

The search box has two option settings: full width and boxed width. 

Note: If you are having issues with the full width option see the troubleshooting below.

Boxed Width

The boxed width option will set the box max width to 1080px and it will match the KB Category container width.

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Full Width

The full width option will set the box max width to 100% and it will go as far as the theme allows it to. In this example, it is 1920px.

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There are two locations to edit Search Box width:

Basic Settings

For more information on basic settings click here

This setting is located in the Search Box section.

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KB Visual Editor

For more information on the KB Visual Editor click here

This setting is located in the Search Box zone, in the features tab.

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The KB category container show the articles and their category names. 

The container has a fixed value of 1080px max width. It will not exceed that width regardless of any other factors such as theme settings or how many categories columns are in the KB. It will, however, get smaller on smaller screen sizes.

There are currently no settings to change this value. However you can override it with custom code. See our article click here for the custom code.

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A common question:

“my KB Search box won’t go full width even though its set that way and other elements on the page do go full width.

In this example, the user is has Elementor page builder, and KB shortcode was inserted into the Elementor section. However Elementor's section width was not adjusted.

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Go to the Elementor section settings and adjust your content width to Full width.

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Other Page builders

The Elementor solution above applies to all page builders in most cases. If your full width is not working, check that the width settings of your page builder sections are set to full width as well. 

Please contact your theme company or page builder to adjust the full width settings. 

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