PDF with Knowledge Base

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The following is how you can use PDF with our knowledge base:


a) Link to a PDF document in your repository or online.

The Links Editor plugin allows you to link to any PDF document. You can also attach keywords that will be found when searching the knowledge base. For details see the plugin details here 



and a demo of the PDF link click here.


b) Export a PDF document

We plan to introduce an easy way to export a PDF document. In the meantime, you can use e.g. Chrome to print the article into PDF format.


c) Search PDF document

Currently, KB search cannot index a PDF document. However, you can:

  • Use Advanced Search add-on to add appropriate tags to the article that contains an embedded PDF document.
  • Use Links Editor add-on to link to a PDF document and specify keywords that will be searched for



Last Updated On July 06, 2019