KB Migration and Back up

Backing up or migrating our knowledge base can be performed similarly to backing up or migrating the whole WordPress database.

Our knowledge base uses the WordPress database structure. Some of our add-ons have custom tables which can be also backed up using some of these solutions below.

Migrating Knowledge base data is the same as your posts and pages for your website. Our knowledge base uses Custom Post types which is similar to Posts in WordPress. If you migrate all your data from your website it should work. Just remember which ever solution you use that it copies all database tables and data.

If your a developer or have a developer to help you WP Migrate DB Pro is an easy solution to move data. If you need something that does it all for you Backupbuddy is amazing solution and does a great job moving all data and files from one site to another.

Information about Knowledge Base data structures:

  • KB Article (Custom Post Type) is stored with post type  epkb_post_type_1  ( epkb_post_type_2 etc. if you have Multiple KBs add-on)
  • KB Category taxonomy  has type epkb_post_type_1_category
  • KB Tag taxonomy has type  epkb_post_type_1_tag
  • Options are stored in WordPress Options table with prefix epkb_xxx

KB Configuration Import/Export
We recommend that you export KB configuration so you can import it into your new KB if necessary.

Using WordPress Default Plugin

The WordPress Importer is the default option for WordPress core. It can be used for our Knowledge base core but not for add-ons as it only downloads the data stored in the default WordPress Database.

We don’t recommend this option as it’s not the most reliable. You will also have to handle import/export of images, categories and tags.

You can find the plugin here: WordPress Importer


Great Commercial Back up / Migration Plugins


One of the most popular backup plugins in WordPress repo. UpdraftPlus is a complete, general-purpose backup and restore plugin with more features and advanced tools than any rival

Some Tutorials / Documentation:


We highly recommend BackupBuddy. This plugin can essentially do everything you need from backups to migration and most importantly not just backing up your data but files too! It’s an easy to use point and click system. Some Tutorials / Documentation:

WP Migrate DB Pro

Migrate DB Pro is a great solution for developers requiring a database import / export solution. You can watch their video for an explanation or read this review:
WP Migrate DB Pro
Some Tutorials / Documentation:

Web Hosting Backups / Restoring


The absolute best solution is an amazing hosting company like WPengine that offers superb daily backups and restore points that really garentee your site being safe from being lost.
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