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Our article rating and feedback plugin allows you to quickly and easily add article rating to your website. Add a simple yes-or-no feedback, more nuanced star ratings, actual comments from readers, and the ability to adjust and match elements to your site by color and style.

Users will see simple, clear graphics for rating articles and leaving meaningful feedback, while admins get powerful information about what works and what doesn’t. Use the different types of feedback, plus analytics, to improve content and push more highly-rated articles.

With the star-rating system users still get a quick way to leave feedback, and admins get more information.

A single click provides degrees of like or dislike for an article. Change the color and style for the stars and choose to post the rating average below the title of the article or leave it off.


Popular rating system like Amazon

Detailed rating system full stars or even half stars

Display details ratings

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The simple like/dislike feedback mode gives you a clear, quick picture of user response.

Admins can vary the appearance to match the feel and tone of the site. Choose from the classic thumbs up or thumbs down rating or an up/down arrow or check/cross option.


Popular rating system like YouTube

Simple rating for higher user engagement

Easy to see user ratings

Admins have the choice to include a user feedback form on content. This is allows users to provide detailed, specific feedback about your articles. The responses show up in WordPress as comments, so they are easy to save and find for future reference. Select to show and save all feedback or only comments with poor ratings.

Like/dislike and star ratings are useful, but they only tell you that users did or did not like the content. The feedback form provides the specific reasons that users enjoyed or had problems with your articles. This information gives you the opportunity to make real and focused changes to improve content and satisfy users.

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The responses show up in WordPress as comments, so they are easy to save and find for future reference.

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Optional: Add statistics in the meta data

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This add-on gives you powerful analytics so you can use that information to improve content.

You can also use the information about which articles are most and least rated to boost the best content and get it in front of more users.

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